Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Laboratories was founded by a team of professionals who are passionate about formulating the most powerful products, using the best ingredients and the latest technology. Since then, the team has expanded to include top scientists, cosmetic chemists, and medical practitioners, who share the vision of creating novel, research-based formulas that produce visible results.

CPL is a consumer-focused organization that is committed to innovation in the fields of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty. With years of accumulated experience, we have developed distinctive and proprietary blending technologies, oils, and botanical extracts that are unique to our products and formulas.

Our global clientele consists of leading cosmetic companies, spas, beauty salons, private labels, distributors, and skin care professionals. Our primary goal is to help our clients develop potent formulas with increased active ingredient stability and improved skin penetration, while meeting the strictest of standards and regulatory requirements. 




We offer a range of product development services that are individually tailored to the needs of our clients.